RGPV Previous Question Papers BE 4th Sem Computer System and Organization June 2005

RGPV Previous Question Papers BE 4th Semester

Computer System and Organization June 2005

(Mechanical Engg. Branch)


Note: Attempt any five questions.

All question carry equal marks.

1.           (a)   What is von newmann model of computer ? Discuss its features.

(b)   Define the following –

(i) Clock                 (ii)   Executive cycle

(iii)   Fetch cycle   (iv) Instruction cycle

(v)  Micro- operation

©    Consider the following register transfer statements for two 4-bit register R1 and R2 :

xT : R1 ← R1 +R2

xT: R1 ← R2

                       Every time that variable T=1, either the content of R2 s added to the content of R1 if x=1 or the

content of R2 is transferred to R1 if x=0 . Draw a diagram showing the hardware

implementation of the two statements. Use block diagram for the two 4-bit register, a4- bit

adder and a quadruple 2 to 1 line multiplexer that select the inputs to R1 .In the diagram show

how the control variables x to T select the inputs of the multiplexer and the load input of

register R1.

2.          (a) Discuss in brief microprogramming control unit and hardwired control unit.

(b)  Draw the function block diagram of control unit of basic computer.

©   How the selection of address is done in control memory? Explain.

3.          (a)m Draw and explain flow chart for additional and subtraction of floating points number.

(b)   Draw the required register configuration tom carry out multiplication using both multiplication

algorithm and hence multiply (-6) and (4)

4.     (a) Explain in short programmed I/O and interrupt initiated I/O

(b)  What do you mean by synchronous and asynchronous data transfer?  Explain hand sacking

method asynchronous data transfer?

5.  (a)  Explain associative memory with its hardware organization . Explain how the data is read and

write in the associative memory.

(b)  An address is specified by 32-bits and corresponding memory space by 24-bits

(i)  How many words are there in address space?

(ii)  How many words are there in the memory space?

(iii)  If a page consists of 4 k words , How many pages and blogs are there in in the system

6.  (a) How the pipe line processing is done and instruction pipeline? Explain with timing diagram for 4

segment instruction pipeline

(b)  What do mean by instruction pipeline conflicts? Explain in short.

7.        Explain the need of cache memory in  the computer system Explain direct mapping of cache

organization .

8.   Write short notes on any three of the following

(i) Addressing mode

(ii) Microprogramming

(iii) Decimal Arithmetic unit

(iv)  DMA

(v) Arithmetic pipeline

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