RGPV Previous year Question Paper BE(IV) SEM. Computer system and Organization June,2004

B.E. (fourth semester) EXAMINATION, June, 2008

(Mechanical Engg. Branch)



Note:      Attempt any five questions. All question carry equal marks.

1.         (a)    Draw the basic computer instruction formats  for Memory reference, Register reference and

                     input-output type of instruction .

              (b)  What are the various types of Addressing models  ? Explain them in short with example .

2            (a)   Define the following _

                      (i) Micro operation               (ii) Microinstruction

                     (iii)Micro program                 (iv) Microcode

                      (v) Register transfer language

              (b)    Formulate a mapping procedure that provides eight consecutive microinstruction for each

                      routine.  The operation code has six bits and the control memory has 2048 words.

3.          (a)   Draw the flowchart and explain how division of two fixed point binary number in sing-

                     magnitude representation is carried out ?

             (b)    Multiply (-6)*(2) using booth multiplication algorithm.

4.          (a)   What is DMA controller ? How it transfer data In a computer system? Write in short .

              (b)  How many characters per second can be transmitted over a 4800 band line in each of the

                      following modes?  (Assume a character code of 8 bits)-

                    (i)  Synchronous serial transmission

                   (ii) Asynchronous serial transmission with two stop bits

                   (iii) Asynchronous serial transmission with one stop bit

5.                What is the use of virtual memory in computer system? Explain in detail, how the program is

                    run through virtual memory?

6.         (a)  What do you mean by parallel  processing ? Write the flynn’s classification of parallel


             (b)  Draw a space time diagram for a size segment pipeline showing the time it takes to process

                     eight tasks .

7           (a)   Explain in short with the help of flowchart how the addition and subtraction is carried out of

                     floating point numbers.

             (b)   Differentiate between programmed I/O .

8.       Write short notes on any three of the following –

                   (i) Register transfer language

                  (ii) Memory management hardware

                  (iii) Cache memory

                  (iv) Universal asynchronous receiver transmitter.

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