RGPV Previous Question Papers BE 4th Sem Computer System and Organization Dec 2008

RGPV Previous Question Papers BE 4th Semester

Computer System and Organization Dec 2008

(Comman for CSEC IT. Engg.)


Note:  Attempt all questions.

1.     (a)    Explain and draw a diagram of a bus system that use multiplex K, register of n bits each to

produce an n-line common bus.

(b)   Define the following terms:

(i) Micro- operation   (ii) control faction    (iii) Three state buffer


(a)    Given a32×8 ROM chip with an enable input. Show the external connections necessary to

construct a 128×8 ROM with four chips and decoder.

(b)    What is instruction cycle? Explain different phase of instruction cycle and show flowchart for

instruction cycle.

2.    (a)    Define the following terms:

(i) Control memory                   (ii) Microinstruction


(b)      Explain different section of micrprogrammed control unit with block diagram.


(a)    Show a block diagram of a control memory and associated hardware needed for selecting the

next microinstruction address. Also explain how we select next microinstruction address.

(b)    Formulate a mapping producer that provides four consecutive microinstruction for each

routine. The operation code has six bits and the control memory 2048 words.

3.     (a)    Show hardware to be used for addition and subtraction of two decimal number in singed –

magnitude representation. Indicate how in over flow is detected?

(b)    Multiply the sing numbers by using Booth multiplication algorithm, number are (-9) and (-13).


Explain the necessary hardware and flowchart for algorithm of two fixed point binary number

in singed magnitude representation. Also show the divide flowchart condition.

4.      (a)    What is the basic advantages of using interrupt – initiated data transfer over transfer under

program control with an interrupt ?

(b)     Explain with suitable diagram the working principle of DMA controller.


(a)    What do you mean by interrupt? What are the various interrupt handling techniques? Explain.

(b)    How many characters per second can be transmitted over a1200-baud line in each of the

following mode?

(i) Synchronous serial transmission

(ii) Asynchronous serial transmission with two stop bits

(iii) Asynchronous serial transmission with one stop bit

5.       (a)    What are the write through and write- back methods in Chase organization and also explain

the concept of chase initialization?

(b)    What is page fault? What techniques are used to handle page fault?


(a)   What is CAM? Explain it with block diagram.

Define hit ratio. Calculate the average access time of memory for a computer with access

time of 100 ns, memory access time of 1000ns and a hit ratio of 0.9.

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