RGPV Previous Question Papers BE 4th Sem Computer System and Organization Dec 2005

RGPV Previous Question Papers BE 4th Semester

Computer System and Organization Dec 2005

(Comman for CS,EC IT Engg.)


Note:      Attempt any five questions. All question carry equal marks.

1.       (a) What is the function of the following in computer system.

(i) Accumulator      (ii) Program counter

(iii) Memory address registers       (iv) Instruction register

(iv)  Memory data register

(b)  At memory address 200, two word instruction .load to AC sis stored with a mode bit as a most

significance bit at location 201 the address stored is 500. At location 202 next instructions is

stored. The following numbers are stored at different memory location as shown a head

Memory location(Address) Memory  Contents













If the content of DC is 200, while the contents of register R1 are 400, XR register is 100. If all the

number address are in decimal number find out content of AC and effective address for the

following address for the following addressing models.

(i)  Direct address       (ii) Indirect address

(iii)  Relative address   (iv) Indexed addressed

(iv)  Register and indirect addressing mode

2.         (a)  What is the purpose of microprogramming sequencer ? Explain its functioning.

(b)   Show how a 9-bit micro-operation field in a microinstruction can be divide into subfields to

specify 46 micro-operations. How many micro-operations can be specified in 1 micro


3.         (a)  How are binary coded decimal number added ? Explain with te help of a block diagram

(b) Dived (-12) by (4) When these number are represented in sign magnitude form.

4.         (a)  Explain how the data is transferred between memory and I/O devices using DMA controller

(b) It is necessary to transfer 256 words from a magnetic desk to a memory section starting feom

address 1230? The transfer is by means of DMA controller.

(i) Give the initial values that the CPU must transfer to the DMA controller.

(ii)  Give the step by step account of the actions taking during the input of the first two words .

5.          (a) What is need of virtual memory in the computer system ? Explain how te page map table is

organized in virtual memory system?

(b)  The logical address space in a computer system consists of 128 segment. Each segment can

have up 32 pages of 4k words in each.  Physical memory consists of 4k blocks of 4k words in

each. Formulated the logical and physical address formats.

6.           (a) How would you use the floating point pipeline adder to add 50 floating point number?

(b) The time delay of the four segment pipeline (fetch instruction, decode and calculate

effective address fetch opened and executive instruction segment) are as follow: t1 =40 ns,t3

=85 and t4 =55

(i)  How long world it take to add 75 pairs of number in the pipeline?

(ii) How can be reduce the total time to about 1-half of the time calculated in part (i) ?

7.                    Explain in short the following:

(i) Memory management hardware

(ii) Parallel processing

(iii) Memory Hierarchy

8.                    Write short notes on any three of the following:

(a) Instruction pipeline

(b) Cache memory

©  I/O processor

(d)    Hardware control unit

(e)   Interrupt initial

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