RGPV Previous Year Papers for BE 3rd Sem OOPs Methodology June 2005

RGPV Previous Question Papers BE 3rd Semester

Object oriented Programming Methodology June 2005

(Common for CS,EC/IC and IT Engg.)


 Note:Attempt one question from each unit.

All question carry equal marks.

1. (a)    What object orientation ? What are the various areas of applications

Of object Technologies ? Discuss in brief

(b)        What is an abstract  class ? What restrictions are there on these classes

(c)        How object of two different classes can interact ? Give an example for it.

2. (a)    Compare object based , class based and object oriented languages .

(b)      Compare aggregation and inheritance . What are the properties of aggregation ?

©        Discuses about the memory requirements  for data members and  accessory functions of object

of a class.

3. (a)    What are the major characteristics  of object oriented programming languages ?

(b)       Why data members and members functions are declared as static in any class ? Explain by giving

proper example .

©        Write a program in C++ to accept two  object of class distance with data members meter,

centimeter and millimeter and to find the sum of these distance . Use a member function  add()

to add this object and the function should return the added object .

4. (a)       What is association ? How will you identify association ? What are different forms of

association ?

(b)       What is function  over loading ?  How polymorphism is achieved  by functions over loading ?

©       Write a program in C++ to overload a function AREA () to calculate the area of a triangle,

square and rectangle.

5.  (a)       What is a this pointer ? Explain the of it.

(b)        What are dynamic constrictors ? Write a program to display the use of dynamic constructors.

©           Write pros and cons of inline function .

6. (a)       What is inheritance ? Explain about  different forms of it by giving example .

(b)        What are access specifies  ? Discuss their use in inheritance .

©         Created a class employ containing procted data name and imp_ no. Write its Constar and

destructor function . Created to derived classes daily _ based containing private data members

rate and days and a class permanent containing basic and allowances by inheriting employ

class as public .

Write appropriate function in each class to calculate total salary of each employ and to display

name; employee no. and total salary.

7.  (a)       What do mean by friend  functions ? when do you decliner a class as friends class ? Explain.

(b)       What is operator overloading? List soma of the operators that can be overloaded add those

which can not be .

©         Using friends function . Write a program in C++ to overload Unary operator ++ with respect to

a class time with data members, Hr, min and sec .

8.     Write short notes on the following:

(a) Virtual funcations

(b)  Virtual base class

© Polymorphism

(d) Early and late binding

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