RGPV Previous Question Papers BE 4th Sem Material science and Engineering Material June-2009

RGPV Previous Question Papers BE 4th Semester

Material science and Engineering Material June-2009

(Mechanical Engineering Branch)


Note: Attempt any five questions.

All question carry equal marks.

1. (a)       What are the characteristics and uses of refractory materials ? Explain acid refractory and its


(b)      Explain any two methods of steel making process.

2. (a)      Explain different  type of imperfection in crystal structure.

(b)      Explain space lattice and crystal system arrangement of atom in BCC, FCC and HCP crystal.

3. (a)      Write a note on cold and hot working of metal and their effect on mechanical properties.

(b)      Explain Griffith’s theory of fracture.

4. (a)     Explain Hume-Rothery’s of substitution  solid solution.

(b)    What information do you, get from a phase diagram? Explain.

5.  (a)   Explain equilibrium diagram of an eutectic system. How solidification characteristics of eutectic

System is different from isomorphism system?

6. (a)   What is the meaning of ‘holding or soaking’ time in heat treatment ? How does it effect the

Properties of steel?

(b)   What type of heat treatment would you give to a high carbon steel to be used as a tool?

7.   (a)  What are elastomers ? How do they differ from plastics?

(b)  Explain various processes of powder metallurgy techniques.

8.          Write short notes on any two of the following:

(i)   Classification in bonds in solids

(ii)   Metallurgical coke

(iii)  Principle of recrystalization and grain growth

(iv)  Iron-carbon phase diagram

(v)  TTT curve

(vi)  Properties and uses of brasses

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