RGPV Previous year question Paper BE (IV) SEM. Material science and Engineering Material- Dec,2009

B.E. (fourth semester) EXAMINATION, June, 2008

(Common for IP & ME Engg.)



Note:      Attempt any five questions.  Internal choices are given with each one.

1.            Explain with suitable example the following bindings:

Metallic bindings, Van der Wall’s bindings, ionic bindings, covalent bindings.


2.           What do you understand by unit cell? Discuss the following arrangement of atoms in unit cell :

(i)  Plain cubic unit cell

(ii)  Body centered cubic unit cell

(iii)  Face centered cubic unit cell

(iv)   Hexagonal close packed unit cell

3.          Discuss the following classes of refectories in detail:

(i) Acid   (ii) Basic (iii)   Neutral

Write down the properties of a good refectory material.

4.          Discuss cold and hot working of metals. What effect of hot and cold working is seen on

properties of metals ? Explain annealing of cold worked metals.

5.         What is pertitectic reaction? Explain the formation of the beta phase in brass by peritectic


6.        (a)  Explain the following

(i)  Pearlite     (ii) Ferrite    (iii)   Austenite (iv)  Solid solution

(b) Distuingh between alpha iron and gamma iron

7.         Write short notes of the following

(i) Spherodizing

(ii)  Tempering

(iii)  Case hardening

(iv)  Austempering

(v)   Martempering

8.        Explain TTT curve. How are they Constructed? Explain isothermal Transformation of alloy steels.

9.        Write short notes on the following Non ferrous metal alloys:

(i)  Bronze (ii) Brasses (iii) Copper base bearing metals (iv) Gun metals

10.      Explain briefly the manufacturing of tungsten carbide and cobalt powders. What is exactly meant

by sintering.

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