RGPV Previous Question Papers BE 5th Sem Database And Management System June 2008

RGPV Previous Question Paper BE 5th Semester

Database and Management System June 2008



Note: Attempt one question from each unit. All question carry equal marks.

1. Supreme products manufactures products like pressure cookers , cook-wavers ,water purifiers, food processor etc. the company markets its products to wholesalers all over the country and dealers sell them to .customers. the company has five regional offices and many sakes persons are attached to regional offices. Sales persons contact dealers and explain about products, incentive offered,traning program for wholesaler and demonstration for customer etc. Dealers places orders with the sales persons attached with the regional office of their location . After receiving goods they make payment , which may be in a installment company would like to develop a system to monitor sales of different products , Performance of salespersons and order from wholesalers. Do the following :

(a)     Identify entities , attributes and relationship giving functionalities and draw an E-R diagram for the system.

(b)    Convert this to relation table explaining the logic involved  .


2  (a) Define the following with respect  to an diagram. Explain the manner in which each is mapped to a

table . Illustrate with an example :

(i) Relationship set   (ii) Aggregation    (iii) Multivalued attribute

(b)     Describe five main function of a database administrator .


3.   (a) Define primary key, candidate key, foreign key and super key with in example. Discuss the type of

integrity constrains that must be checked for the update operation insert and delete. Give


(b)   Differentiate between intension and extension.


4.   (a) Define the  following operation of relation algebra and given an explain each :

(i) Division    (ii) Natural Join

(b)  What is recursive closure? Why is not possible to define this operation in realation algebra?


5. Consider the following relation with key underline :

Street (name, location, city)

House (number, street number)

Lives (name, house _number )

(a)   Define the above relation as tables in SQL making real world assumption about the type of fields. Define the primary keys and forging key .

(b)   For the above relation answer the following queries in SQL :

(i) Get the names of person who live in the street name “Mahatma Gandhi”

(ii) Get the house numbers street wise.

(iii) Get the number of house which are not occupied.

©      What is the NULL?  Give an example to illustrate testing for NULL in SQL.


6.   (a) Explain the EXISTS and UNIQUE functions of SQL. Get an example for each .

(b)  R(R,B) and S(A,C) be two relations. Given relational algebra expression for the following domain

calculus expression :

(i) {<a>| b (<, b> Єr ^ b = 17)}

(ii)  {<a, b, c> |<a, b > Єr ^ <a , c, > Єs}


7.   (a) Prove that the relation  which is in 4 NF must be in BCNF.

(b) Given an example of a relation schema R’ and set F’ of functional dependencies such that there

are least three distinct lose less join decomposition of R’ into BCNF.


8. (a) What are the advantages of the three locking protocol over the two phase locking protocol? Explain the phantom phenomenon.  Why this phenomenon may lead to an incorrect concurrency execution despite the use of a protocol that ensures sreializability?

(b)  Explain the recovery process after system failure using checkpoint.


9. (a) Explain the importance of trigger with an example in ORICAL .

(b) How is the database organized in oracle?


10 (a) How sequences are created in oracle? Explain

(b) How do you create forging key in MS access?

(c) Write the utility of micros in MS access.

(d) Explain compact and repair database utility of MS access.

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