RGPV Material Science and Engineering Materials Question Papers

RGPV Material Science and Engineering Materials Question Papers

Note:   Attempt any five question. All question carry equal marks. Draw the suitable diagram wherever necessary.

1.(a)    Explain the effect of grain size on various mechanical properties of metals.

(b)      Explain with neat sketches the various point’s defects and lone effects and metal Cristal.

2. (a)  What are the different types of corrosion? How do they occur?

(b)      Explain the various method adopt to control and prevent the corrosion of metal and alloy.

3. (a)  Explain the phenomenon of plastic deformation in polycrastyline materials . Define effective stress

and effective strain.

(b)     Using Griffith’s theory derive an expression for the stress require to propagate a crack in a brittle

Material as a function of the size. Of the micro rack.

4. (a)  What is alloy ? Explain interstitial solid solution and substitutional solid solution according to

Hume rothery, what are the factors governing the information of solid solution?

(b)     Draw and explain the Pb –Sn phase diagram

5. (a)  Draw and explain the Iron –carbon phase diagram .

(b)      Give composition. Properties and use of various types of cast iron.

6.        Write composition, properties and uses any four of the following: 4 each.

(i)   Martins tic stainless steel

(ii) High speed steel

(iii) Silicon manages steel

(iv) Tool and die steels

(v) Free cutting steel

7. (a)  Explain the structure of rubber and plastic. What is the vulcanization?

(b)       What are the material added to monomers during polymerization and why?

8. (a)   Describe various types of plastic giving their uses and limitation .

(b)      Write composition, properties and uses of any two of the following:

(i) Gun metal (ii)  Iconel (iii) Nichrome (v) Babbitt

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