RGPV Previous Question Papers Material Science and Engineering Materials Dec 2003

RGPV Previous Question Papers

Material Science and Engineering Materials Dec 2003


Note:  Attempt any five questions.

All question carry equal marks.

1. (a)  Explain with neat figure BCC and FCC structure. Calculate the number of atoms in a unit cell of BCC and FCC structure.

(b)     List the Previous type of bond occurring in solid. Discuss any two of them in detail

2. (a)    Draw the stress-strain curve for mild steel and show the silent points

(b)    Difference between edge and screw dislocation.

3. (a)   What is hot and cold working? How do they differ? Explain their effect on the properties of


(b)      Explain the following:

Recovery, recrystallization and gain growth.

4. (a)    Describe allotropic transformation of iron.

(b)        List the various micro constituents of iron-carbon system .compare their properties and Composition.

5. (a)   What the common effects obserbed during heat transmit treatment.

(b)        Explain the following processing.

(i) Flame hardening

(ii) Cyaniding

(iii)  Mar tempering

(iv) Carburizing

6. (a)  What is the creep ? Explain the mechanism of creep.

(b) What are plastic? Give their types and properties

7. (a)   Explain TTT diagram with neat sketch

(b)   What do you understand by precipitation hardening

8.          Write short notes on any three of the following.

(i) Types of cast iron

(ii) Fatigue

(iii) Ductile and brittle fracture

(iv) Refectories

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