RGPV Exams Questions Papers 3rd Sem Electronics June 2004

RGPV Exams Questions Papers 3rd Sem Electronics June 2004

RGTU B.E. (Third semester) EXAMINATION, JUNE, 2004

(Common for EC/EE/IP Engg.)


Note:      Attempt any five questions. All question carry equal marks.  Assume suitably missing data if any missing data suitably.

1. (a) Give the V.1. plot of semiconductor diode and explain its working principle.

(b  Define h-parameters. Give h-parameters equivalent of BJT and explain

2. (a)   Explain the Barkhausen criterion for oscillators.

(b)     Give classification of power amplifiers.

(c)      Derive an expression for conversion efficiency of class –A power amplifier and find its maximum


3. (a) Define the following terms :

(i)      Common mode and differential mode gains

(ii)Virtual ground  (iii) Offset voltages

(b)    What is voltage follower ? Explain

(c)    Explain working of an integrator with circuit diagram.

4. (a) What is SCR ? Describe any two communication techniques in brief.

(b)     Explain the working of a simple convertor.

5. (a)  Explain the working of a stable multivibrator  using IC-555.

(b)      Explain the input/output characteristics of BJT  (CE-configuration )

6. (a)  What is the effect of feedback on the gain of an amplifier ?Explain also derive the necessary


(b)     Define ? and ? of BJT  . Derive an expression for ? in terms of ?.

7.    Write short notes on any two of the following :


(i)   Differential amplifier (two transistor model )

(ii)  OP-AMP adder and subtractor

(iii) Tunnel diode

(iv)  JFET

(V)   Push –pull class B-amplifier

8. (a) Verify that output impedance can be reduced using negative feedback .


(b) Explain the working of a comparator circuit.





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