RGPV Exams Question Papers BE Object Oriented Technology 4th Sem Dec 2011

RGPV Exams Question Papers

BE Object Oriented Technology 4th Sem Dec 2011

Note:      Attempt any five questions. All question carry equal marks.

1   (a) Explain about abstract data types with proper examples.

(b) Compare the following –

(i) Object and classes

(ii) Attributes and method

2 (a) Describe how objects interact and how they are instantiated.

(b) Compare the following:

(i) Static and dynamic objects

(ii) Global and local objects

3.  (a)  What is meant by association of objects ? Describe about recursive and named association.

(b)  What do you understand by multiplicities and navigability in association? Discuss the types of association.

4. (a)  What is meant by aggregation ? What are the different types of aggregation?

(b)  Compare the following –

(i) Association and aggregation

(ii) Associative aggregation and inheritance relationship.

5. (a) What is polymorphism ? Explain about static and dynamic polymorphism with examples.

(b) What are redefining methods? Use proper example to explain the concept.

6.(a) What is inheritance ? What are the different types of inheritance? Explain.

(b) What do you understand by abstract method and abstract class? Explain with the help of a program.

7.  (a) What are container classes ? What is the difference between containership and inheritance?

(b) Write short notes on the following –

(i) Heterogeneous containers

(ii) Persistent objects

8.  (a) Describe about different types of containers.

(b) Write in brief about stream and types of streams. Give name and description of various stream methods .

9.      Consider the following class relationship. Define all four classes and write a program in C++ / Java to create, update and display the information contained in Teacher objects.


10. What are virtual function? Create a base class named rectangle that contains data members length and width and member function Area ( ) and a constructor. From this class derive Box class with a property depth, an overriding function Area ( ) that returns the surface Area of the box and a function called volume ( ) . Include these classes in a working program.




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