Reliability Engineering EC Syllabus for NIT Jalandhar

Reliability Engineering EC Syllabus for NIT Jalandhar


EC-357 Reliability Engineering [3 0 0 3]


Introduction: Definition for Reliability, Static and Dynamic Reliability Need for reliability Engineering, success and failure models, Causes of failures, catastrophic failures and degradation failures Characteristic types of failures, useful life of components, Exponential case of chance failure, Reliability Measures; MTBF, MTTR, hazard rate, probability distribution function, Derivation for exponential distribution function, other kinds of distributions, Binomial, Poisson uniform, Raleigh, Weibull, Gamma distribution, marks, Chains, failures data analysis.

Series Parallel Systems: Reliability Block Diagrams, series systems, parallel systems, K-out of-M systems, open and short circuits failures, standby systems. Reliability Analysis of Non-Series Parallel System: Boolean algebra Method, Outset approach, delta star method, logical signal relation method, Bay’s Theorem Method.


Reliability Prediction: objective of reliability prediction, classification, information sources for failure rate data, prediction methodologies, general requirements, Role and limitations of Reliability prediction.

Reliability Allocation: subsystems reliability improvement, allocation for new units, criticality.
Redundancy Techniques for Reliability: Optimization; signal redundancy, Time redundancy, software redundancy, hardware redundancy.


Maintainability and Availability: forms of maintenance, measures of Maintainability and availability, maintainability function, availability function, two unit parallel system with repair, Markov Model for two unit systems, preventive maintenance, provisioning of spares.
Reliability Testing: kinds of testing, component reliability measurements, parametric methods, confidence limits, accelerated testing, equipment acceptance testing, standard life testing plans, accelerated life testing, system safety analysis-FMECA, risk priority number and its allocation
Economics of Reliability Engineering: Reliability cost, Life Cycle Costing, effect of reliability on cost, reliability achievement cost models, reliability Utility cost models, Replacement policies.

Books Recommended

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