Pune University BE Mechanical Industrial Automation Question Papers

B.E. (Mechanical) INDUSTRIAL AUTOMATION (2008 Pattern)

(Open Elective) (Sem. – II)

Time: 3 Hours]                                                                           [Max. Marks :100

Instructions to the candidates:

1)            Answer three questions from each section.

2)             Answers to the two sections should be written in separate books.

3)            Neat diagrams must be drawn wherever necessary.

4)             Figures to the right indicate full marks.


Q1) a) Compare open loop and closed loop control systems with respect to block diagrams, stability, response and any one suitable application. [8] b) Explain types of automation in industry with only one example of each.                                                                                          [8]


Q2) a) Enumerate the list of automation tools and explain PLC in brief as automation tool.        [8]

b) Comment on transmitters as control system components with respect to significance in block diagram, types, important specifications and a suitable application.  [8]

Q3) a) Write a short note on DCS with respect to important specifications, programming platform, communication protocols and any one advantage of DCS over PLC.    [6]

b) Develop a PLC program for an elevator. Given START, UP, DOWN buttons (push-to-ON, NO), STOP button (push-to-OFF, NC), limit switches LS1 (Down, NO), LS2 (UP, NO). The objectives are [12]

i)              START button should put ON, the elevator.

ii)            STOP button should stop the elevator where it is.

iii)        When STARTed, and UP button is pushed, the elevator should start moving up, if at bottom, till UP LS1 is pushed.

iv)         When STARTed and DOWN button is pushed, the elevator should start moving down, if at top, till DOWN LS2 is pushed.

P. TO.


Q4) a) Enumerate the list of important PLC specifications referred in selection of PLC for industrial automation.                                                                                        [6]

b) Consider a water tank with inlet valve V1 (ON-OFF) at top and outlet valve V2 (ON-OFF) at bottom. The tank has two float switches ‘LOW’ (NO) and ‘HIGH’ (NO), START button (push to ON, NO) and STOP button (Push to OFF, NC) both push. Develop a PLC program for following objectives.                                                                [12]

i)             When START button is pushed, the process starts and continues till STOP is pushed.

ii)           When LOW is not pushed, V1 will be ON and tank start filling till HIGH is pushed.

iii)        When HIGH is pushed, V1 will go OFF, V2 will be ON and tank shall start discharging till LOW is unpushed.

Q5) a) Write a short note on ASRS with respect to important components, automation tools, advantages and limitations over its conventional

counterpart.                                                                                                          [8]

b) Explain the themes of path guidance used in AGVs.                    [8]


Q6) a) Compare FMS and CIMS on the basis of four major issues.          [8]

b) What are advantages and disadvantages of AGVS.                       [8]


Q7) a) Explain SCADA with respect to definition, advantages, limitations, and any one field application.                                                                                       [8]

b)            Explain in brief, HMIs used in Industrial Automation.                               [8]


Q8) a) Discuss in brief any four important components of SCADA systems. [8]

b)            Compare SCADA system over networked PLCs.                                                 [8]


Explain any one suitable application of stepper motor and induction motor with respect to need, theme to control, any one advantage and limitation.                                    [8]

Explain two applications of hydraulic circuits used in industrial automation with working and advantage over manual method of doing the same task.                            [10]


Explain principle and working of VFD used to control the speed of electric motors.        [8]

Write any one important feature of the following are essential in selection of (i) Hydraulic cylinder (ii) Electrical motor (iii) Pneumatic flow control valve (iv) Pressure relief valve. [10]

Develop a control logic to automate the conveyor such as used in bottle filling plant. Write how many inputs, outputs, timers, etc., you have assumed along with the objective statements required for programing. [8] Discuss automation opportunity in any one machine loading and unloading application.                                                                                                          [8]


Discuss any two advanced sensors used in robotic applications. [8] Develop a logic sequence to automate the drilling machine used to drill a hole on component of an assembly line moving on a conveyor. Write all your assumptions clearly.                                              [8]

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