Process Dynamics and Control Syllabus for NIT Jalandhar

Process Dynamics and Control Syllabus for NIT Jalandhar


 Process Dynamics and Control

Basic Considerations: Introduction, Basic components, diagrammatic representation, symbol and Terminology, changes at arbitrary points in the loop, offset and its analysis.

Process Characteristics: Process variables, mathematical modeling of liquid, gas, thermal, mechanical and chemical systems. Linearzing techniques, Liquid level control in a tank. Dynamics of manometer, response of non-interacting and interacting first-order elements in series, Mixing process, Heat transfer process, Distillation column.

Controller Characteristics: Control modes, characteristics and comparison of on-off, proportional, integral, derivative modes and their combinations (PI, PD and PID), Introduction to Digital controllers.

Automatic Control: Single and combined modes in closed loop, static error, velocity error. Dynamic behaviour of feedback control processes for different modes, IAE, ISE, IATE criteria, Tuning of controllers, process reaction curve.

Controller Hardware: Electronic pneumatic and hydraulic controller’s implementation, single and composite modes of controllers.

Final Control Elements: Control valves, types, functions, Electrical, Pneumatic hydraulic-actuators, Solenoid, E-P converters, stepper motors.

Introduction to Computerized Process Controls: Control algorithm, PID Control action with Dead time.

Books Recommended

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2. Patranabis.D, “Principles of Process Control”, TMH, New Delhi (1994).
3. Stephanopoulos G, “Chemical Process Control: An Introduction to Theory and Practice”, PHI New Delhi (1995).
4. Johnson Curtin, “Process Control Instrumentation Technology”, PHI, New Delhi (1999).
5. Harriott P, “Process Control “ 10th Reprint, TMH, New Delhi (1992).

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