Power Electronics EC Syllabus for NIT Jalandhar

Power Electronics EC Syllabus for

NIT Jalandhar


EC-359 Power Electronics [3 0 0 3]



Semiconductor Switching Devices: Review of Thyristor, two transistor Model of SCR, classification and V-I characteristics, junction temperature, gate circuit ratings, triggering process, UJT and characteristics, UJT as a relaxation oscillator, triggering UJT using SCR, turn off methods, fast recovery diodes, schottky diodes, Series and parallel connections of SCR, DIAC, TRIAC, Power MOSFETS, application of SCR

Power Rectification: Classification of rectifiers, half, full, three-phase rectifier, semi converters, full converters, free wheeling diodes, circuits using SCR, voltage multiplying rectifier circuits, transformer utility factor.

Regulated Power Supplies: Classification of voltage regulators, short period and long period accuracy of voltage regulator, D.C. voltage regulators, complete series voltage regulator circuit with ICs, SMPS basic principles, step up and step down circuits, UPS.

Inverters: Introduction, simple Inverters and Power Inverter using SCR, output voltage control in inverter waveform control, PWM inverters, reduction of harmonies with the help of PWM inverters. Industrial Timing Circuits:, Thermal timers, Electronic timers, SCR delay timer, I.C. electronic timers, 555 timer as astable, bistable and monostable multivibrator, timer applications.

Induction And Dielectric Heating: Induction heating effect of frequency power requirements, merits and application of induction heating, Dielectric heating, dielectric properties of a few typical materials, thermal losses, application of dielectric heating, skin effect, high frequency sources for induction and dielectric heaters.


Electronic Control of D.C. Motors: Introduction, control of D.C. shunt motor, full wave D.C. shunt motor control overload projection, universal motor control, electronic control for reversing motor control using SCR, choppers, their classifications and applications. Electronic Control of A.C. Motros: Instability of D.C. motors, variable speed induction motor drives, T.N. characteristics of I.M. invertors for driving the motor, speed control of I.M. using various methods, cycloconverters, their classifications and applications.

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2. Mithal G K, “Industrial electronics”, 18th Ed., Khanna Publishers, Delhi (1998).
3. Biswas S N, “Industrial electronics”, 3rd Ed., Dhanpat Rai and Company, Delhi (2000).
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5. Singh M D, Khanchandani K B, “Power electronics”, 6th reprint TMH, New Delhi (2001).


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