NIT Warangal Civil Engineering Syllabus Stochastic Hydrology


NIT Warangal Civil Engineering Syllabus   STOCHASTIC HYDROLOGY 


                                              STOCHASTIC HYDROLOGY 
Deterministic and Stochastic Hydrology, Need for statistical methods in hydrology, Continuous and Discrete
distributions, Moments and expectations, Parameter estimation, Probability plotting, Regional flood frequency
analysis, Hypothesis Testing, linear regression, Hydrologic Time Series Analysis – Modeling of Hydrologic
Time Series – Data generation techniques, Autoregressive processes and models for operational hydrology.
1. Charles T. Haan, Statistical Methods in Hydrology, East West Publishers, 1998.
2. Jaya Rami Reddy, Stochastic Hydrology, Laxmi Publications, 1997.

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