NIT Trichy I year Syllabus Professional Communication





Listening: Barriers to listening: Physical & psychological – Steps to overcome them –

Purposive listening practice – Active listening and anticipating the speaker – Successful
telephone etiquette.
Speaking: Fluency & accuracy in speech –– Positive thinking – Improving self expression –
Listener oriented speaking -Group discussion practice – Developing persuasive speaking
skills – Use of technology in oral communication.
Reading: Speed reading practice – Transcoding: verbal and non-verbal – Eye-reading
practice – Analytical and critical reading practice.
Writing: Corporate Correspondence – Formal and informal letters – Argument Writing
practice – Perspectives in writing – Different registers – Tone in formal writing – Summary
writing practice.
Study Skills: Reference Skills – Using a dictionary, glossary etc – Importance of contents
page – Bibliography.

Text book

1. Barun K. Mitra, Effective Technical Communication, Oxford University Press, Delhi.
2006. Reference Books
1. Shirley Taylor, Communication for Business, Longman, New Delhi, 1999.
2. Robert Gannon, Best Science Writing: Readings and Insights, University Press,
Hyderabad, 2000.
3. Albert J. Harris, Edward R.Sipay, How to Increase Reading Ability, Longman, 1990.

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