NIT Trichy I Year Syllabus for Physics II

NIT Trichy 1st year Syllabus for Physics II


 Lasers and Fiber Optics : Spontaneous and stimulated emissions – Einstein’s coefficients –

population inversion and lasing action – coherence – properties and types of lasers –
applications – Fermat’s principle and Snell’s law – optical fiber – numerical aperture – types
of fibers – fiber optics communication principle – fiber optic sensors.
Conductors, Dielectrics and Magnetic Materials: Free electron theory (classical and
quantum) – Fermi-Dirac statistics – band theory of solids – – dielectrics – types of
polarization – internal field and Claussius-Mosotti equation – ferroelectric materials –
magnetic materials – types and properties – domain theory – hard and soft magnetic materials
– application – superconductivity and types – Meissner effect – high temperature
superconductors – applications.
Advanced Materials : Liquid crystals – types – application as display devices – photonic
crystals – nanomaterials (one, two and three dimensional) – physical properties and
Materials Evaluation: Ultrasonic inspection – pulse echo method – liquid penetration
technique – magnetic particle inspection – radiography – thermography – types of spectra –
IR, UV and Visible spectroscopy – Raman spectra – NMR technique – applications.
Electrodynamics: Coulomb’s law for distribution of charges – polarization and Gauss’s law
– electric current and equation of continuity – magnetic induction and Lorentz force – steady
current and Biot Savart law – Ampere’s law – magnetization and magnetic intensity –
Faraday’s law of induction – generalization of Ampere’s law – Maxwell’s equation –
electromagnetic wave equation – propagation of EM waves in free space.
Text Books
1. V. Rajendran and A. Marikani , Material Science, Tata McGraw-Hill, 2004.
2. M.N. Avadhanulu, Engineering Physics, S. Chand & Co., 2007.
B.Tech. Syllabus (2009-‘10)
National Institute of Technology: Tiruchirappalli – 620 015. 11
Reference Books
1. E.M. Purcell, Electricity and Magnetism – Berkeley Physics Course Vol. 2, Tata
McGraw-Hill, 2008.
2. J.R. Reitz, F.J. Milford and R.W. Christy, Foundations of Electromagnetic Theory, 3rd
edition, Narosa, 1979.
Lab Experiments
1. Determination of thickness of a thin wire – Air wedge
2. Determination of wavelength of mercury spectrum using Grating
3. Determination of Optical absorption coefficient of materials using laser
4. Determination of Numerical aperture of an optical fiber
5. (i) Determination of wavelength of laser using diffraction grating
(ii) Characteristics of light dependent resistor (LDR)
6. Calibration of Voltmeter – Potentiometer
7. Nondestructive testing by Ultrasonic inspection
8. Field along the axis of a Circular coil
1. Physics Laboratory Manual, Department of Physics, NITT.

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