NIT Trichy Civil Engineering Syllabus Mechanics of Solids I

NIT Trichy Civil Engineering Syllabus Mechanics of Solids-I



Tension, compression and shear stresses – Hooke’s law – elastic constants – compound

stresses – composite bars – thermal stresses.
Strain Energy due to axial force – Resilience – stresses due to impact and suddenly applied
load – Principal stress and principal planes – Mohr’s circle
Beams and support conditions -Types of supports and loads – shear force and bending
moment – their diagrams for simply supported beams, cantilevers and overhanging beams.
Theory of simple bending – Stress distribution at a cross section due to Bending Moment and
Shear – strain energy.
Analysis of plane truss – Method of joints – Method of sections – Thin cylinders and shells.
Theory of torsion – Torsion of circular and hollow circular shafts and shear stresses due to
torsion – closed and open coiled helical springs – leaf spring.
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