NIT Trichy Civil Engineering Syllabus Mechanics of Fluids I

NIT Trichy Civil Engineering Syllabus Mechanics of Fluids I


Continuum concept – CGS, MKS and SI systems – Properties of Fluids – Ideal and real fluid – Pressure at a point – pressure variation – pressure measurement Hydrostatic forces on plane and curved surfaces – Buoyancy and equilibrium – Metacentric height and its determination-Types of flow – continuity equation for one, two and three dimensional flows – stream function and velocity potential – flow net and its properties Convective and local acceleration – Pressure, Kinetic and Datum energy – Bernoulli’s theorem and proof – Euler’s equations of motion for a three dimensional flow and along a streamline – Deduction of Bernoulli’s theorem – Momentum equation – applications.

Reynold’s experiment – Laminar and turbulent flow – Reynold’s number – critical flow – Navier-Stoke equations of motion – shear stress and pressure gradient – Laminar flow between parallel plates – Couette flow – Hagen Poiseuille equation for flow through circular pipes. Turbulence – semi empirical theories –Major losses – Darcy-Weisbach equation for flow through circular pipe – Friction factor – Smooth and rough pipes – Moody diagram – flow through non circular pipe – Minor losses – pipes in series and parallel – Equivalent length – Introduction to water hammer phenomena.


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