NIT Trichy Civil Engineering Syllabus Concrete Technology

NIT Trichy Civil Engineering Syllabus

Concrete Technology

Introduction – Concrete materials – Cement: Physical tests on cement – Concrete materials – Tests on aggregates – Quality of Water for mixing and curing – use of sea water for mixing concrete Mix Design – factors influencing mix proportion – Mix design by ACI method and I.S. code method – Design of high strength concrete.

Admixtures – accelerating admixtures – Retarding admixtures – water reducing admixtures – Air entraining admixtures – coloring agent – Plasticizers. Batching – Mixing -Transportation – Placing of concrete – curing of Concrete

Strength of Concrete – Shrinkage and temperature effects – creep of concrete – permeability of concrete – durability of concrete – Corrosion – Causes and effects – remedial measures- Thermal properties of concrete – Micro cracking of concrete.

Special Concrete – light weight concrete – Fibre reinforced concrete – Polymer-polymer modified concrete – Ferrocement – Mass concrete – Ready mix concrete- Self compacting concrete- Quality control – Sampling and testing-Acceptance criteria


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