NIT Trichy Chemical Engineering Organic Chemistry Syllabus

NIT Trichy Chemical Engineering Syllabus Organic Chemistry


Organometallic compounds – Grignard reagent – synthesis of different types of compounds like alcohol, aldehyde, acid, amine and organometallic. Acetoacetic ester – tautomerism – base hydrolysis – acid hydrolysis – malonic ester – cyano acetic ester – synthesis of dicarboylic acids and unsaturated acids.

R, S, configuration, mutarotation, conversions – glucose to fructose and vice versa, sucrose – structural elucidation, extraction, reactions, starch and cellulose – structural
details, applications.
Alicyclic compounds – nomenclature – synthesis of alicyclic compounds using carbon – acroyloin condensation – Diels Alder reaction, Freunds’s synthesis – bayer’s strain
theory postulates, drawbacks – theory of strainless rings – conformations of cyclohexane. Coal tar distillation, separation of benzene, toluene, phenol and naphthalene – Aromaticity exhibited by these compounds. Fats and oils – Saponification – hydrogenation of oils Amino acids and proteins- classification – synthesis of amino acids – reactions of carboxyl group and amino group – peptide linkage – end group analysis – colour reaction of proteins- denaturation. Dyes – colors and constitution – chromophores and auxochromes- Quinine theory and electron theory of dyes- preparation-colour and application of azodyes – acidic. basic, mordant, direct azodyes – Triphenylmethane dyes – malachite green, crystal violet, Rosaniline, prosaniline mordant dyesapplication, vat dyes-indigo-synthesis and application. Heterocyclic compounds – synthesis and reaction of pyrrole, furan, thiophene, pyridine, quinine, isoquinoline. Alkaloids – Isolation from natural products – colour reaction – structural elucidation of nicotine. Terpenoids – Isolation – Isoprene rule – structural elucidation of citral.


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