NIT Trichy Chemical Engineering Digital Electronics Syllabus

NIT Trichy Chemical Engineering Syllabus Digital Electronics


Basics Of Digital Systems: Introduction, Binary logic, Boolean algebra, Logic Gates – synthesising Basic logic gate circuits, Multiplexers and Demultiplexers, Binary based codes.

Filps – Flops Counters And Memory Devices: Flip – Flops, Shift Registers, Asynchronous counters, Synchronous counters, Semiconductor Memories.
Digital Arithmetic & Data Converters: Addition, Subtraction ALU, Binary Multiplication and Division, Fixed point and Flouting point numbers. DAC and ADC.
Microprocessor Basics: Evolution of Microprocessors, Architecture of IWTEL 8085 – Addressing modes and decoding – Wait, Hold and Halt states – Interrupts, Bus
cycles, Transition state diagram.
Microprocessor Programming: Instruction set of INTEL 8085, Writing programs in HEX code, Assembler and Assembler directives.


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