NIT Trichy 1st year Syllabus Engineering Mechanics

NIT Trichy 1st year Syllabus Engineering Mechanics


Statics Concurrent forces in a plane: Principles of Statics-Composition of forces-Equilibrium of concurrent forces in a plane-Method of projections-Equilibrium of three forces in a plane- Method of Moments – Friction Parallel forces in a plane: Two parallel forces- General case of parallel forces in a plane-Center of parallel forces and center of gravity-Centroids of composite plane figures and curves – Distributed forces in a plane General case of forces in a plane: Composition of forces in a plane-Equilibrium of forces in a plane Force systems in space: Concurrent forces in space- method of projections, methods of moments-couples in space-parallel forces in space-center of parallel forces and center of gravity- general case of forces in space.

Dynamics Rectilinear Translation: Kinematics of rectilinear motion-Principles of dynamics- Differential equation of rectilinear motion-Motion of particle acted upon by a constant force- D’Alembert’s principle-Momentum and impulse-Work and energy- Ideal systems: conservation of energy- Impact

Curvilinear translation: kinematics of curvilinear motion- Differential equations of curvilinear motion-Motion of a projectile-D’Alembert’s principle in curvilinear motion.
Rigid Body motion: Rotation of a rigid body about a fixed axis and Plane motion of a rigid body.

Text Books

1. Rajasekaran.S. & Sankara Subramanian.G., Engineering mechanics– statics and Dynamics, Vikas Publishing Comp, 2005
2. S. Timoshenko & D.H. Young ‘Engineering Mechanics” McGraw Hill, 1995 Reference Books
1. Irving H.Shames, Engineering Mechanics – Statics and Dynamics, Pearson educations Forth edition, 2003.
2. Beer & Johnston, Vector Mechanics for Engineers, Vol.1 “Statics” and Vol.2 “Dynamics”, McGraw Hill International Edition, 1995.
3. Suhas Nitsure, Engineering Mechanics, Technical Publications, Pune, 2007

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