NIT Trichy 1st Year Syllabus Engineering Graphics

NIT Trichy 1st Year Syllabus Engineering Graphics


Drawing standard SP46: Dimensioning, Lettering, type of lines, scaling conventions. Geometrical constructions: Dividing a given straight line into any number of equal parts,
bisecting a given angle, drawing a regular polygon given one side, special methods of constructing a pentagon and a hexagon Introduction to orthographic projection, drawing orthographic views of objects from their isometric views – Orthographic projections of Points lying in four quarters, Orthographic projection of lines parallel and inclined to one or both planes. Orthographic projection of planes inclined to one or both planes Types of solids, Projections of solids with axis perpendicular to HP, solids with axis perpendicular to VP, solids with axis inclined to one plane. Projection of spheres touching each other Sectioning of solids: section planes perpendicular to one plane and parallel or inclined to other plane.

Intersection of surfaces: intersection of cylinder and cylinder, intersection of cylinder and cone, intersection of prisms.

Development of surfaces: Development of cylindrical and conical surfaces Development of prisms.
Isometric Projection and view of planes and simple solids.

B.Tech. Syllabus (2009-‘10)

National Institute of Technology: Tiruchirappalli – 620 015. 8
Introduction to computer aided drafting: introduction to computer aided drafting package to make drawings


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