NIT Trichy 1st year Syllabus Chemistry II

NIT Trichy 1st year Syllabus Chemistry II


 Water: Sources, hard and soft water, estimation of hardness by EDTA method, softening of water, zeolite process and demineralization by ion exchangers, boiler feed water, internal treatment methods, specifications for drinking water, BIS and WHO standards, treatment of water for domestic use, desalination, reverse osmosis, electro dialysis.

UV-Visible Spectroscopy: Laws of absorption, deviation from Beer’s law, origin of UV and visible spectra, colour in organic compounds, absorption by organic and inorganic molecules, Woodward-Fieser rules for calculating absorption maximum in dienes and ?, ?-unsaturated carbonyl compounds, chemical applications, photometric titrations.

Coordination Chemistry: Formation and types of metal complexes, EAN rule, 16 and 18 electron rule, crystal field theory, CFSE, magnetism and colour of transition metal ions, metal carbonyls – bonding and structure, Organometallic compounds in catalysis – hydrogenation, hydroformylation and polymerization, chemistry of hemoglobin, Bohr effect.

Phase Equilibria – The Phase Rule: Phase rule, statement and derivation, explanation of the terms, one component system – water, CO2 and sulphur, two component alloy systems, thermal analysis, eutectics, Pb-Ag system, applications of eutectics, two component system giving rise to compound formation, Ca-Mg alloy system, two components forming solid solutions.

Polymers: Related terms, nomenclature, functionality, classification, types of polymerization, mechanism of polymerization, molecular weight determination – viscometry,
light scattering methods, industrial synthesis of polystyrene, polyethylene terephthalate and Nylon, applications of important polymers in industries and medicine, plastics –

B.Tech. Syllabus (2009-‘10) National Institute of Technology: Tiruchirappalli – 620 015. 12

Text Books

1. P.C. Jain and M. Jain, Engineering Chemistry, Dhanpat Rai Publishing Company (P), Ltd., New Delhi, 2007.
2. W. Kemp, Organic Spectroscopy, Palgrave, New York, 2008.

Reference Books

1. J.E. Huheey, E.A. Keiter and R.L. Keiter, Inorganic Chemistry – Principles of Structure and Reactivity, Harper Collins College Publishers, New York, 1993.

2. R. Gopalan, D. Venkappayya and N. Sulochana, Engineering Chemistry, Vikas Publishing House, New Delhi, 2005.

3. J.C. Kuriacose, J. Rajaram, Chemistry in Engineering and Technology, Vol I & II, Tata McGraw Hill publishing Company Ltd, New Delhi, 1984.


1. Estimation of total alkalinity in the given water sample
2. Estimation of carbonate, noncarbonated and total hardness in the given water sample
3. Estimation of dissolved oxygen in waste water
4. Estimation of Fe2+ by external indicator
5. Estimation of Fe3+ by spectrophotometer
6. Molecular weight determination by Oswald viscometer


1. Laboratory Manual, Department of Chemistry, NITT.

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