NIT Trichy 1st Year Syllabus Basics of Electrical and Electronics Engineering

 NIT Trichy 1st Year Syllabus Basics of Electrical and

Electronics Engineering


(For Chemical, Civil, Mechanical, MME, Production)

DC Circuits – Direct currents and voltages, power, Kirchhoffs Laws, batteries, DC machines- Construction, principle of operation and applications.
AC Circuits an transformers – Alternating current and voltage, circuit elements R,L &C, Phasor Diagram, impedance, real and reactive power in single phase circuits, Single phase transformer – construction, principle of operation, Introduction to three phase systems.
AC machines – Synchronous and Induction machines – Construction, Principle of operation, and applications, introduction to brushless DC motor.
Basic Electronics – semiconductor devices – p-n junction diode, BJT, operational amplifiers – Principle of operation and applications, introduction to number systems and logic gates.
Signal measurement and processing – peak, RMS and average values, Data acquisition system- ADC, DAC – principles of operation.

Reference Books

1. Hughes revised by McKenzie smith with John Hilcy and keith Brown, Electrical and Electronics technology, 8th Edition, Pearson, 2006.
2. R.J.Smith, R.C.Dorf, Circuits devices and systems, 5th edition, John wiley and sons, 2001.
3. Malvino, A.P, Leach D.P and Gowtham Sha, Digital Principles and Applications, 6th Edison, Tata McGraw hill, 2007.
4. Vincent Del Toro, Electrical Engineering Fundamental, Prentice Hall India, 2002.

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