NIT Trichy 1st year Syllabus Basic Course In Communicative English

NIT Trichy 1st year Syllabus

Basic Course In Communicative English

Communication: An introduction – Its role and importance in the corporate world – Tools of communication – Barriers – Levels of communication. Listening: Importance to listening in the corporate world – Listening process & practice – Exposure to recorded & structured talks, class room lectures – Problems in comprehension & retention – Note-taking practice – Listening tests. Reading: Introduction of different kinds of materials: technical & non-technical – Different reading strategies: skimming, scanning, inferring, predicting and responding to content – Guessing from context – Note making – Vocabulary extension.

Speaking: Barriers to speaking – Building confidence & fluency – dialogue practice- Extempore speech practice – Speech assessment.
Writing: Effective writing practice – Effective sentences: role of acceptability, appropriateness, brevity & clarity in writing – Cohesive writing practice – Paragraph writing – Discourse writing.

Text Book

1. Meenakshi Raman and Sangeetha Sharma (2008) Technical Communication, Oxford University Press, New Delhi.

Reference Books

1. M. Ashraf Rizvi (2005), Effective Technical Communication, Tata McGraw-Hill, New Delhi.
2. Golding S.R. (1978), Common Errors in English Language, Macmillan.
3. Christopher Turk (1985), Effective Speaking, E & FN Spon, London

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