NIT Srinagar Syllabus CSE 6th Sem Artificial Intelligence

NIT Srinagar Syllabus CSE 6th Sem

Artificial Intelligence


Introduction to AI. Agents and environments. Problem solving by search; uninformed search, informed (“heuristic”) search, constrained satisfaction problems, adversarial search, Knowledge representation and reasoning; rule based representations, logical formalisms, frames or object oriented systems, network based approaches and mixed representations. Theorem-proving. Knowledge bases and expert systems.

Overview of LISP and PROLOG. Reasoning in uncertain environments. Planning communication and multiagent systems. Learning. Vision. Natural Language Processing. Neural nets, non-monotonic logic, various case studies.


Books Recommended:

  1. Charniak and Mcdermott. Introduction to Artificial Intelligence, Addison-Wesley, 1985.
  2. Ginsburg. Essentials of Artificial Intelligence, Morgan Kaufmann, 1993. Winston. Artificial Intelligence, 3rd Edition, Addison Wesley, 1992.
  3. Elaine Rich, Artificial Intelligence, PHI.

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