NIT Srinagar Syllabus CSE 5th Sem Data Base Management systems

NIT Srinagar Syllabus CSE 5th Sem

Data Communication


Data and Signals:
Data, Signals, Types of Signals, Bandwidth, spectrum, Digitization of analog signals, sampling, Nyquist sampling theorem, quantization, quantization noise, Pulse code modulation

Digital modulation Techniques:
ASK, FSK, PSK, DPSK, M-ary PSK, QAM. Signal constellation.

Line coding techniques:
NRZ, RZ, Biphase, Manchester coding, AMI, HDBn

Transmission media:
Guided and un-guided media, twisted wire pair, co-axial cable, optical fibre, microwave links, satellite microwave link, their characteristic features and applications for data transmission.

Data transmission:
simplex, half duplex and full duplex, Asynchronous and synchronous data transmission. Carrier, bit and frame synchronization techniques, Phase lock loop.

Multiplexing Techniques:
Frequency Division Multiplexing, Time Division Multiplexing, Wavelength division Multiplexing and Code Division Multiplexing. Spread Spectrum.

Errors in data communication:
Types of errors, error detection and correction techniques, forward error correction, polynomial error detection scheme, computation of CRC. Hardware.

Data communication network:
Basic concept of network, Advantages and applications, Types of networks (LAN, MAN and WAN), Different network topologies like star, ring, hybrid, tree.

Books Recommended:

  1. William Stallings: Data & Computer Communications, 7th Ed, PHI
  2. Andrew Tanenbaum, “Computer Networks” PHI
  3. Sklar, “Digital Communications fundamentals & Applications” 2nd Ed Pearson Pub.
  4. Keizer, “ Local Area Networks” McGraw Hill

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