NIT Srinagar Syllabus CSE 3rd Sem Internet & Web Design

NIT Srinagar Syllabus

3th Semester Syllabus

Internet & Web Design


Computer Networks:- Basics of Networks, Topologies of Networks, Layers in Networking, Layers in Networking, Switching in the Networks, Bridges, Routers and Gateways, Types of Networks

The Internet:- Basics of Internet, Addresses and Names for the Internet, Web Objects, and Sites, E-Mail, World Wide Web, File Transfer, The ‘Telnet”, The ‘Usenet’,


Web Servers, Browsers, and Security:- The Web Server, The Proxy Server, The Fast Ready Connections on the Web, Web Browsers, Netscape Communication Suite, Microsoft Internet Explorer, The Virus Menace in the Internet, Firewalls, Data Security

Creating a Website and the Markup Languages (HTML, DHTML, and XML) The Art of Creating a Website, Hypertext and HTML, HTML Document Features, Document Structuring Tags in HTML, Special Tags in HTML, Dynamic HTML, XML for a Universal Format for the Data on the Web, Microsoft Frontpage.

Searching and Web-Casting Techniques:- How to Get Found or Hidden Data from Search Engines, Subscribing, Introduction, Search Engines, Search Tools.

Java Programming. Why Java? Java Programming Language, Java Classes, Constructors, Java Object and their Creation, Inheriting Members from Another Class, Interfacing Methods from Other One or More Classes, Abstract Class (or Super Class) for One or More Subclasses, Data Encapsulation, Inner Classes within a Class, Multiple Threads,

Java IO :- Java IO input Streams and Output Streams for Bytes, Java IO Character Stream Related Reader and Writer Classes, Java IO File Related Classes

Java Components:- Human Computer Interface and Windows Environment, Creating a GUI, Applets, Various Ways of Event Handing in Components and Applets, Javabeans, CORBA and EJBs.

Network and Security Programming Using Java:- Network Programming, URL Classes, Socket Classes, Programming for Security.

The Dynamic Functionality in Web Pages:- CGI, Four Steps for a CGI Script Communication, CGI Script Languages, A Scripting Language-‘JavaScript’, Dynamic Page Functionality Using Servlets and JSPs, Dynamic Page Functionality Using ASPs, COMs, DCOMs and ASP,

Books Recommended:

  1. Greenlaw R and Hepp E “Fundamentals of Internet and www” 2nd EL, TMH
  2. B. Underdahle and K.Underdahle, “Internet and Web Page / WebSite Design”, IDG Books India (P) Ltd.
  3. D. Comer, “The Internet Book”, Prentice Hall of India.
  4. M. L. Young,”The Complete reference to Internet”, Tata McGraw Hill.
  5. J. Sklar, “Principles of Web Design”, Second Edition, Vikas Publishing House Pvt.Ltd
  6. W. G. Lehnert, “Internet 101, Pearson Education

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