NIT Srinagar Syllabus CSE 3rd Sem Electronic Devices And Circuits

NIT Srinagar Syllabus

3th Semester

Electronic Devices & Circuits


Introduction to Semiconductors:
Intrinsic and extrinsic semiconductors transport mechanism of charge carriers, electric properties, Hall effect etc. Electronic Devices, their characteristics and applications, p-n junction diode. Current components in p-n junction, characteristics-piece wise linear approximation, temperature dependence, Diode capacitance, and switching times, diode circuits half wave, full wave rectifiers, clipping circuits etc. Basic operations of Zener, avalanche, schottky photo and tunnel diodes

Types operation and characteristics, Ebers-Moll model, CE, CB and CC configuration input, output characteristics and graphical analysis of basic amplifier circuits, Biasing and Bias stability, Low frequency, h-parameter model, Analysis and Design of transistor amplifier circuits using h parameters. High frequency hybrid – pi model, analysis and design of transistor amplifier circuits at high frequencies. Multistage amplifiers, phototransistors, Transistor as a switch, SCR’s and Thyistors.

Operation and characteristics, model Application at low and high frequency, amplifiers, switching circuits, MOSFEET TYPES, Operation and characteristics. Cathode Ray Cathode Ray Oscilloscope Basic operation and measurement applications.


 Books Recommended:

  1. Electronic circuits by D Schelling & C Belove
  2. Integrated Electronics by Millman & Halkias
  3. Basic Electronics by Grob 10/e
  4. Basic Electronics by Mitehel E Schultz TMH

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