NIT Srinagar Syllabus B Tech 3rd Semester EC Network Analysis

NIT Srinagar Syllabus

B Tech 3rd Semester EC

Network Analysis

1.Development of the circuits Concept: Charge and energy, capacitance, inductance and resistance parameters in the light of field and circuit concepts. Approximate realization of a physical system as a circuit.

2.Conventions for describing networks: Reference directions for currents and voltages, conventions for magnetically coupled circuits, Circuit topology

3.First order differential equation: Differential equations as applied in solving networks. Application of initial conditions. Evaluating initial conditions in networks.

4.Laplace Transformations:

5.Wave form analysis and Synthesis; The unit step, ramp and impulse functions and Laplace transforms. Initial and final value theorem, Convolution integral, convolution as summation.

6.Network theorems and impedance functions: Complex frequency, transformer impedance and transform circuits, series and parallel combination of elements. Fosters reactance theorem and reciprocity theorem.

7.Network Functions – Poles and Zones: Ports of terminal pairs. Network functions for one port and two port network (ladder and general networks). Poles and zeros of network functions. Restriction on Pole and zero locations for driving point and transfer functions. Time domain behaviour from poles zero plot.

8.Two port parameters: Relationship between two-port parameters. Admittance, impedance, transmission and hybrid parameters. Relationship between parameter sets. Parallel connection of two port Networks. Characteristic impedance of two port networks

9.Filters Filter fundamentals – pass & stop band, filter classification, constant-k and m-derived Filters. Behavior of Characteristic impedance over pass and stop bands Design of filters

Books Recommended

  1. Network Analysis by Van Valkenberg
  2. Network Analysis & Synthesis by F. Kuo

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