NIT Srinagar Syllabus 6th Sem CSE Computer Graphics

NIT Srinagar Syllabus 6th Sem CSE

Computer Graphics

Co-ordinate representation, Pixel, Raster Scan & Random Scan methods, color CRT Raster scan basics, video basics, interactive devices, graphics input and output devices, mouse, track ball, light pen, digitizer, thumb wheel, raster scan graphics.

Graphics Primitives:
Introduction to Picture Synthesis and Analysis. Conceptual Framework of an Interactive Graphical Simulation System. Graphics hardware. Basic Raster Graphics Algorithms.

Introduction to Simple Raster Graphics Package (SRGP). Graphics Entities. Geometric Transformations. Object hierarchy. Segmentation. Interaction Techniques.

Geometric Modeling in 3-D. Viewing in 3-D. Concept of Synthetic Camera. Dialogue Design. Graphics User Interfaces. Windowing Systems.

Graphical Modeling of Discrete events. Simulation of Discrete Event Displays. Animation Techniques. Basic Rules for Animation. Graphical Simulation of continuous motion.

Role of Virtual Reality in Graphical Simulation.

Books Recommended:

  1. Newman & Sproul, Principles of Interactive Computer Graphics.
  2. James D. Foley, Andries VanDam, Feiner Steven K. and Hughes John F. Computer Graphics: Principle and Practice, Addison-Wesley Publishing House.
  3. Foley and VanDam. Fundamentals of Interactive Computer Graphics, Addison-Wesley.
  4. Rogers D. F. Procedural Elements of Computer Graphics, McGraw Hill.
  5. Dennis Harris. Computer Graphics and Applications, Hearn and Baker.
  6. Computer Graphics, Prentice Hall of India.

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