NIT Srinagar Syllabus 6th Sem Computer Networks

NIT Srinagar Syllabus 6th Sem

Computer Networks


Basic concept of network, Advantages and applications, Types of networks (LAN, MAN and WAN), Different network topologies like star, ring, hybrid, tree.

Network Protocol Architecture:
OSI Reference model, Layers of the OSI model. Physical, Data-link, Network, Transport, Session, Presentation and Application layer.

Network Switching Techniques:
Circuit switched, message switching and packet switched networks, Datagram and virtual circuit services, Frame relay, ATM.

Flow and Error Control:
Stop and wait flow control, Sliding window flow control, error control protocols, ARQ techniques, Stop-&-wait ARQ, Go back by N ARQ, Selective repeat ARQ.

Routing algorithms:
Routing tables, features of a routing algorithm, classification, optimality principle, sink tree, shortest path algorithm, Dijkstra algorithm, flooding, fixed routing, random routing, adaptive routing, distance vector and link state algorithm.

Congestion Control:
Congestion in networks and quality of service.

Medium Access Control Protocols:
TDMA, FDMA, CDMA, ALOHA, Slotted ALOHA, CSMA, CSMA/CD, Ethernet, Token Ring network

Network security:
Need for network data security, plaintext, cifertext, encryption techniques, substitution, transposition, DES encryption standard, Private key, public key, Authentication.

Internetworking and Internet fundamentals:Network Interconnections, Bridges, Routers, Internet Concepts, Brief concepts about common Channel signaling and Integrated Digital Networking.

Books Recommended:

  1. William Stallings: Data & Computer Communications, 7th Ed, PHI
  2. Andrew Tanenbaum, “Computer Networks” PHI
  3. Sklar, “Digital Communications fundamentals & Applications” 2nd Ed Pearson Pub.
  4. Keizer, “ Local Area Networks” McGraw Hill

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