NIT Srinagar Syllabus 3rd Sem Chemical Mechanistic Organic Chemistry

  NIT Srinagar Syllabus 3rd Sem Chemical

Mechanistic Organic Chemistry

Basic Concepts in Mechanistic Organic Chemistry

Electron displacement effects: Inductive, electromeric, mesomeric and hyper conjugative effects, and their applications. Tautomerism: Keto-enol, triad system and ring chain tautemerism. Stereoisomerism: Optical isomerism, configuration, chirality, R-S and D-L nomenclature. Geometrical Isomerism: Cis-trans and E-Z nomenclature. Bond Fission: Homolysis and heterolysis. Reaction Intermediates: Generation, fate and stability of carbonations, carbanions, free radicals, carbons.

Substitution and Addition Reactions

Substitution Reactions: Aliphatic nucleophilic substitution reactions, SN1 and SN2 mechanisms and their kinetics. Aromatic electrophilic substitution reactions, orientation in 2nd substitution. Halogenation, nitration, sulphonation, Fidel Crafts reactions, Roemer- Tiemann reactions.

Addition Reaction: Addition across carbon-carbon doublre bonds, examples halogenation and hydrohalogenation reactions (Markovnikov’s rule). Addition to carbon-oxygen double bonds, addition of cyanide ion, bisulphite ion and ammonia derivatives. Aldol condensation, Cannizaro’s reaction, Perkin’s reaction.

Elimination & Rearrangement Reaction

Mechanism of E1 & E2, stereospecificity and orientation in elimination reactions. Sytzev and Hoffman elimination. Rearrangement Reactions: Bechmann rearrangement, its stereospecificity and applications. Hoffmann Wolf and Wanger-Meerwein rearrangement.

Chemistry of Natural Products

Fats and Oils: Definition, occurrence, chemical nature, transesterification, autooxidation, hydrolysis, hydrogenation, hydrogenolysis, acid value, saponification value, iodine value, RM value.

Carbohydrates: Definition, classification, identification tests, Molisch test, Tollen’s test, Fehling’s test, Osazone formation.

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