NIT Silchar Syllabus B Tech 1st Year Mathematics

 NIT Silchar Syllabus 




Differential Calculus :

Successive  differentiation, Leibnitz’s  theorem  &  its   application. Indeterminate

forms,  L. Hospital’s Rules. Rolle’s Theorem, Lagrange’s Mean value theorem, Taylor’s

& Maclaurin’s theorems with Lagrange’s form of remainder for a function of one

variable. Curvature, radius & centre of curvature for Cartesian and polar curves..

Partial differentiation, change of variables, Euler’s theorem & Jacobian.

Integral Calculus :

Reduction Formulae. Asymptotes for Cartesian and polar curves. Curve tracing. Area

& length of plane curves. Volume & surface area of solids of revolution   (for Cartesian

and polar curves).

Differential Equation :

Solution of ordinary differential equations of first order & of first degree:

Homogeneous equation, Exact differential equation, Integrating factors, Leibnitz’s

linear equation, Bernoulli’s equation.

Differential equation of first order but  of higher degree, Clairaut’s equation.

Differential equations of second & higher order with constant coefficients.

Homogeneous Linear equations.

Reference Books:

1. Differential Calculus                       Das & Mukherjee           U.N. Dhur & Sons Pvt. Ltd.

2. Integral   Calculus                          Das & Mukherjee           U.N. Dhur & Sons Pvt. Ltd.

3. Elementary Engineering Mathematics        B.S. Grewal              Khanna Publisher

4. Engineering Mathematics-II            Santi  Narayan           S. Chand & Co

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