NIT Rourkela Syllabus BTech Technical and Business Communication




NIT Rourkela Syllabus | B-Tech | Technical and Business Communication   





Technical and Business Communication    

    Objective: The course aims at exposing students to various aspects of organisational


Contents:  Communication: Aspects and Issues, Verbal and Non-verbal

Communication, Creativity in Communication, the Johari Window. Interpersonal and

Impersonal Communication, Communication in Professional contexts, Formal &

Informal Communication in Organisations; Essentials of Grammar, Tricky Grammatical

Choices; Effective Pronunciation, Loan Words, Foreign Words, Word-Formation,

Vocabulary Building Exercises. Varieties of English; Speech Styles, the Job Process, Focus of Job Interviews; Report Writing, Guidelines for Preparing a Good CV, Drafting a

Job Application Letter, Comprehension Skill Testing, Paragraph Writing.

Essential Reading:

1.Ivor Williams, English for  Science and Engineering, Cengage Learning, First

Indian Reprint 2007.

2.S. Stevenson and S. Whitmore, Strategies for Engineering Communication, John

Wiley & Sons (Asia) Pvt. Ltd. 2002

Supplementary Reading:

1. S. Clark and G. Pointon, Word for Word, OUP, 2004

2. M. Nurnberg and M. Rosenblum,  All About Words: An Adult Approach to

Vocabulary Building, W.R. Goyal Publishers & Distributors, New Delhi,2000

3. Straus, Jane, The Blue Book of Grammar and Punctuation. (Available online at

4. Guide to Grammar and Writing, WebPages available at and “The Online Writing Lab at

Purdue” (OWL) WebPages available at

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