NIT Rourkela Syllabus BTech Development: Social, Anthropological and Psychological Perspectives


NIT Rourkela Syllabus| B-Tech  Development: Social, Anthropological and Psychological Perspectives








Development: Social, Anthropological and Psychological Perspectives  

Objective:  Developmental issues are closely tied to socio-economic and

anthropological context. Motivational, attitudinal and behavioural aspects are also

involved. The paper aims to provide interdisciplinary and comprehensive view of the

concept of development.

Contents: Defining Development; Role of Anthropology in Development Planning and

Social Change; Diffusion of Innovations; Process of Innovation; Role of Advocates and Advocate    assets; Novelty characteristics; Acceptors and Rejecters of innovations;

Culture content of social change; Socio-cultural and Psychological Barriers to Change;

Psychological approaches to Cultural Studies:  Culture and Personality: Benedict and

Mead; Basic Personality and the Concept of Institutions: Kardiner; Modal Personality:

Cora Du Bois; Development of Morality and Gender Roles, Social Perception, Prejudice

and Attribution errors.

Essential Reading:

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Wardsworth Publishers, 4th Ed, 2003

2. Ram Ahuja, Social Problems in India, Rawat, Jaipur, 1992.

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4. S C Dube, Understanding Change: Anthropological and Sociological Perspectives,

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Supplementary Reading:

1. T.S. Saraswathi and Baljit Kaur : Human Development and Family Studies in India:    

      an Agenda for Research and Policy, Sage Publications, 1993

2. Mahendra Dev, Inclusive Growth in India: Agriculture, Poverty, and Human

development, Oxford, New Delhi, 2008.

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