NIT Rourkela Syllabus BTech Advanced Research Methodology


NIT Rourkela Syllabus | B-Tech | Advanced Research Methodology




 Advanced Research Methodology                  

Objective: These papers will expose students to quantitative methods in social science

research. Use of statistical methods and basic econometrics can help them in data


Contents:  Multivariate Significance Tests; The Normal Probability Curve: Properties

and Applications, Logic of Hypothesis Testing, Type I and Type II Errors, Power of

Statistical Tests, Linear Correlation and Regression, Factors Influencing Correlation

Coefficients, Multiple Correlation and Regression; Computer Applications, Content

Analysis, Special Analysis, Factor Analysis, stakeholder analysis and social audit.

Essential Reading:

1.Cramer, Duncan, Advanced quantitative data analysis. Maidenhead : Open

University Press, 2003.

2.Creswell, John W. Research design : qualitative, quantitative, and mixed methods

approaches. 3rd ed. Thousand Oaks : Sage, 2009.

3. Neuman, William Lawrence. Basics of social research : qualitative and

quantitative approaches. 2nd ed. Boston : Pearson/Allyn and Bacon, 2007.

Supplementary Reading:

1.Dane, Francis C. Research methods. Pacific Grove: Brooks/Cole, 1990.2.Devlin, Ann Sloan. Research methods : planning, conducting and presenting

research. Belmont, Calif.: Thomson /Wadsworth, 2006.

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