NIT Raipur Syllabus 1st year Basic Mechanical Engineering



Name of the Subject Basic Mech. Engg. Subject Code ME102

Semester I & II Board of Studies Mechanical Engg.

Maximum Marks ESE-35 Minimum Marks

Lecture Periods/Week Tutorial Periods/Week Practical Periods/Week Credits



 law of Thermodynamics


: Thermodynamic systems, property, control volume, work, heat as path

function, first Law of thermodynamics, and its application to non-flow and flow process,

equilibrium, various process, second law of thermodynamics, its corollaries, clausius inequality,

entropy: point function, principle of increase of entropy, entropy change during various

thermodynamic processes, Carnot cycle.




Air Standard Cycles


: Otto, Diesel, Dual combustion cycles there efficiencies, mean effective



Properties of Steam


: Types of Steam, Wet, Saturated and Superheated Steam, calculation of heat

value of steam of any value.




Mechanical Properties of engineering materials


: Hardness, Ductility, Malleability, Toughness,

Brittleness, Stress – Strain Curve for ductile and brittle material etc. Normal and shear stress,

Relation between Elastic constants, Stresses in varying cross sectional area, Composite bars on axial



Introduction to manufacturing


: Types of Welding – Gas Welding, Arc. Welding, Equipments

used, Different types of Welded joints, Working principle, function & specification of Simple Lathe

machine, Shaper.


Text Books :-


1. Thermodynamics – R. Yadav

2. Production Technology – Hajra & Choudhary

3. Strength of Materials – Timoshenko & Yound


Reference Books :-


1. Engineering Thermodynamics – P.K. Nag

2. Thermodynamics – Cengel and Boles

3. Manufacturing Process – Bagman

4. Strength of Material – Ryder

5. Strength of Materials – Sadhu Singh

NIT Raipur Syllabus 1st year Basic Mechanical Engineering

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