NIT Raipur Syllabus 1st Year Applied Physics




Unit -1

Theory of Relativity:


Frame of reference, Galilean principle of relativity, Michelson-

Morley experiment, Postulates of special theory of relativity,

Lorentz transformations, Length contraction, time dilation,

Relativistic addition of velocities, Variation of mass with

velocity, Mass energy equivalence, energy-momentum







Ultrasonic waves: Production and engineering applications,

basis requirements for an acoustically good hall, determination

of wavelength, reverberation time, Sabine’s formula.


(ii) Wave Optics:


Interference by division of amplitude: Newton’s rings

experiment, interference by division of wavefront: Fresnel’s

biprism experiment, Diffraction at single slit, diffraction grating,

Resolving Power of grating




(i) X-ray:


Origin of continuous and characteristic X-ray, Duanne-Huntt

limit for minimum wavelength, Moseley’s law, Bragg’s law for

X-ray diffraction


(ii) Super Conductivity:


Superconductors, Meissner effect, Type-I and Type-II, Super

conductors, BCS theory, application of superconductors




Quantum Physics:-


Inadequacy of classical mechanics-Qualitative study of black

body radiation and photoelectric effect, Compton effect, De-

Broglie’s hypothesis, Davison – Germer experiment,

Uncertainty principle and its applications, Wave function and

wave packet, phase and group velocities, Probabilities and

normalization, Schrödinger equation: Time dependent and time

independent, Application of Schrödinger equation: particle

in a box


Unit -5


(i) Dielectric materials :


Dielectric constant, Dielectric polarization and its types,

polar and non polar dielectric materials, E, P and D vectors,

Concept of internal fields, Clausius- Mossoti equation.


(ii) Magnetic materials :


Dia, para, ferro and ferrite magnetic materials, hard and soft

magnetic materials, hystersis loop, antiferromagnetism.

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