NIT Jalandhar Syllabus Manufacturing Process 2nd Year

NIT Jalandhar Syllabus Manufacturing Process 2nd Year


IN – 101 Manufacturing Processes

Manufacturing: Introduction to manufacturing processes, Basic terminology used, Economical and technological considerations. Materials properties and their application: Different engineering materials, Properties, Nomenclature, Basics of heat treatment.
Carpentry: Introduction, Classification of wood, Seasoning of wood, Classification of carpentry tools, Joints and joining processes, Wood working machines and processes, safety precaution.
Fitting: Introduction, Tools used in fitting, Measuring and marking tools, the process of making sawing, Filling, Tapping and die, Introduction to drills.
Welding: Introduction, Various welding processes with brief introduction, Electric Arc welding, Arc welding procedure, List of equipment for electric arc welding, Gas welding process and equipment is in the process, Soldering and Brazing process.
Smithy: Introduction, Types of forging, Equipment used in the smithy shop, Smithy tools, Black smith’s hearth, Hand forging operations.
Foundary: Introduction, Basic terminology, Pattern, Types of patterns, Patterns allowances, Tools for hand Moulding, Moulding sand and Moulding process, Crucible furnace, Operation of cupola, Foundry containers, Casting defects, Safety precautions.
Sheet metal working: Introduction, Types of sheets (ferrous/non ferrous), Standard sheet sizes and their measurement, Tools used in sheet metal.
Metal cutting: Introduction, Classification of machine tools and cutting tolls, Basic operations on lathe, Drilling, Shaper, Milling, Cutting tool material, Work-holding devices, Cutting parameters i.e. speed, feed and depth of cut.

List of experiments
Carpentry shop -2 jobs
Fitting shop -2 jobs
Arc welding -1 job
Gas welding -1 job
Smithy shop -2 jobs
Foundry shop -1 job
Sheet metal working -2 jobs
Machine shop covering various operations -2 jobs
Electric shop -1 job

Books Recommended

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2. Hajra Chowdary S K and Hajra Chowdhay A K, “Work Shop Technology” 10thEd., Media
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5. Linberg R A “Process and materials of Manufacturing”, 4th Ed., Prentice Hall of India, New
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