NIT Jalandhar Syllabus for Structural Analysis-III

Structural Analysis-III Syllabus

for NIT Jalandhar


CE 446 Structural Analysis-III [3 0 0 3]

Review of Determinants and Matrices: Introduction, summation convention, determinants and
their properties, Cramer’s rule, matrices and their properties, solution of non-homogeneous
equations by matrix methods, differentiation and integration of a matrix.
Flexibility method of Analysis: Introduction, method of consistent deformation, application to pin
jointed frames, effect of temperature and pre-strain, displacements and forces in members of
indeterminate structures, flexibility matrix of a plane member.
Stiffness Method of Analysis: Introduction, relation between slope deflection method and stiffness
method, choice between flexibility and stiffness method, stiffness method for members with relative
displacement of supports, analysis of indeterminate structures, analysis of pin-Jointed frames.
Computer Applications: Matrix structural analysis using spreadsheets, MS Excel Matrix
Commands, MS Excel procedure for stiffness method of analysis, analysis of single span beams,
continuous beams, plane trusses and plane frames.
Books Recommended:
1. Gere W and Weaver J M “Matrix Analysis of Structures” CBS Publishers, New Delhi,
2. Kanchi M B “Matrix Methods of Structural Analysis” Wiley Eastern Limited, New Delhi,
3. Ganju T N “Matrix Structural Analysis using Spreadsheets” TMH Publishing Co. Ltd.
New Delhi,2002.
4. Vazirani V N and Ratwani M M “Advanced Theory of Structures and Matrix Methods”
Khanna Publishers, New Delhi, 1995.
5. Pandit G S and Gupta S P “Structural Analysis A Matrix Approach” Tata McGraw Hill,
New Delhi, 1994.

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