NIT Jalandhar Syllabus for Software Applications in Structural Engineering

Software Applications in Structural Engineering Syllabus

for NIT Jalandhar


CE 438 Software Applications in Structural Engineering [3 0 0 3]

Introduction: Software and software engineering, software metrics Estimation and planning.
System and Software Requirements Analysis: Computer based systems, computer systems
engineering, system analysis, requirements analysis fundamentals, structured analysis and its
extensions, object oriented analysis and data modeling.
Design and Implementation of Software: Software design fundamentals, data-flow oriented
design, object oriented design, data oriented design methods, programming languages and coding.
Software Quality Assurance: Software quality and software quality assurance, software testing
techniques, software Testing strategies, software maintenance, reverse engineering techniques.
Application Software in Civil Engineering: Introduction and application of softwars like STAAD
III, STAAD PRO, ATENA, ADINA, ANSYS, DIANA, project work and application to practical
Books Recommended
1. Pressman R S “Software Engineering A Practitioner’s Approach” McGraw Hill International,
New York, 2001.
2. Broeton P “Software Engineering Environments” Wiley, New York, 2002.
3. Blum I B “Software Engineering A Holistic View” Oxford University Press, 2001.
4. Blanchard B S and Fabrycky W J “Systems Engineering and Analysis” Prentice-Hall
International, New York1998.
5. Roy S K and Chakrabarty S “Fundamentals of Structural Analysis with Computer Analysis &
applications” S. Chand & Company, New Delhi, 2002.

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