NIT Jalandhar Syllabus for Railways Airports and Harbour Engineering

Railways Airports and Harbour Engineering

Syllabus for NIT Jalandhar


CE 442 Railways, Airports and Harbour Engineering [3 0 0 3]

Introduction: History of development of Railways, Permanent Way,Requirement of ideal
permanent way, cross-sections of single and double tracks in embankment and cutting.
Points and Crossing: Simple types currently in use: points and crossing terminology, layout
plans of simple cross over, turnouts, diamond crossing, geometric design of a simple turn out
design of crossings & switches.
Stations and yards: Selection of site for station and yards, different types of stations and yards
and their layouts-way side station,
Permanent way Construction and Maintenance: Laying of track, relaying and dismantling,
maintenance of track.
Signaling and Interlocking: Objects of signaling, types of signals, Interlocking and devices used
in interlocking.
Introduction: Airport classification, classification of flying activities. Characteristics & airport size.
Airport Planning: Types of runway patterns, Running layout effect of metrological conditions,
wind rose, specifications for runway clearances and other airport utilities.
Airport Grading & drainage: General considerations, master plan, grading design, selective
grading, classification of excavation, drainage purpose & data required, drainage structures &
materials, drainage system.
Pavement Design: Factors affecting pavement design, design method for flexible pavement
(CBR, MC-leads, bur misters) design method for rigid pavements (water guard’s analysis, I.R.C.
methods)Joints in concrete pavements, design of level bars, tie bars, distribution steel, airport
pavement overlays.
Docks and Harbours: Definition, location & layout of docks, classification of docks Simple
description, frequent dealing with natural and artificial harbour, their classification & requirement,
action of wind, water, tides and lateral drift on harbour structures.
Books Recommended
1. Rangawal S C “Railway Engineering” Charotar Publishers, Anand ,2002.
2. Arora S P and Saxena (2001), “Railway Engineering”, Dhanpat Rai Publishers, New
Delhi, 2001
3. Khanna, Arora and Jain “Airport Planning & Design” Nem Chand & Bros., Roorkee
4. Horren Jeff, “Airport, Planning & Design”
5. Srinivasan R and Rangwala S C “Harbours” Charotar Publishers, Anand, 1999

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