NIT Jalandhar Syllabus for Prestressed Concrete Design

Prestressed Concrete Design Syllabus for

NIT Jalandhar


CE 437 Prestressed Concrete Design [3 0 0 3]

Introduction: Basis concepts, Materials used, advantages of prestressed Concrete,
Applications of prestressed concrete.
Materials for prestressed Concrete: High strength concrete, strength requirements
permissible stresses in concrete, creip & shrinkage, deformation characteristics, high strength
steel, strength requirements, permissible stress in steel.
Prestressing Systems: Introduction, prestensioning systems, post-tensioning systems,
chemical prestressing.
Losses of Prestress: Nature of losses, different types of losses and their assessment.
Analysis of Prestress & Bending Stress: Basic assumptions, Resistant stresses at a
section, pressure line, and concept of land balancing, stresses in grading moment.
Flexural Shear Strength of Prestressed Concrete Sections: Types of flexural failure,
strain compatibility method, code procedures, shear and principal stresses, ultimate shear
resistance of pressed concrete members, prestressed concrete members in torsion.
Transfers of Prestress in Pre-tensioned and Post-tensioned members: Transmission
Length, bond structures, Transverse tensile stress End-zone reinforcement, stress
distribution in end block.
Design Prestressed Concrete Sections: Design of section for flexure, Axial tension
compression & bending, shear, bond and torsion.
Design of concrete Pipes & Tanks: Circular prestressing type of prestressed concrete
pipes, design of prestressed concrete pipes, Analysis and design of prestressed concrete
Books Recommended
1. Raju N K “Prestressed Concrete” Tata McGraw Hill, New Delhi, 2001.
2. Rajagopalan N “Prestressed Concrete” Narosa, New Delhi, 2001.
3. Dayaratnam P “Prestressed Concrete” Oxford & IBH, New Delhi, 1999.
4. Lin T Y “Prestressed Concrete” McGraw Hill, New York, 1985.
5. Edward G. nawy, “Prestressed Concrete-A Fundamental Approach” Prentice Hall
Publishers, NY, 2000.

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