NIT Jalandhar Syllabus for Plastic Analysis of Structures

Plastic Analysis of Structures Syllabus for

NIT Jalandhar


CE 332 Plastic Analysis of Structures [3 0 0 3]

Introduction: Ductility of metals: Concept of plastic design, Overloaded factors, Ultimate load as design coition.

Analysis of Indeterminate Structures: Hinge formation in indeterminate structures,
Redistribution of moments, Assumption made for structure subjected to bending only.
Minimum Weight Design: Concept, assumption, Design of frame with prismatic members,
Elements of linear programming and its application to minimum weight design problems.
Deflection: Assumption, Calculation of deflection at ultimate loads, Permissible rotations.
Secondary Design Considerations: Influence of direct load, shear local bucking, lateral bucking,
repeated loading and brittle fracture on moment capacity. Design of eccentrically loaded columns.
Problem of incremental Collapse, Shake down analysis. Special considerations for design of
structures using light gauge metals.
Books Recommended
1. Neal B G “Plastic Methods of Structural Analysis” Chapman Hall, London
2. Manika Selvam V K “Limit Analysis of Structures” Dhanpat Rai Publications, New
Delhi, 1997.
3. Arya A S and Ajmani J L “Design of Steel Structures” Nem Chand & Bros,
4. Chandra R “Design of Steel Structures” Vol. I & II Standard Book House, Delhi, 1999.
5. M.P. Nielsen, “Limit Analysis and Concrete Plasticity” CRS Press, London, 1998.

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