NIT Jalandhar Syllabus for Design of Steel Structure I

NIT Jalandhar Syllabus for

Design of Steel Structure I


CE 303 Design of Steel Structure – I [3 1 0 4]

Riveted & Welded Joints: Rivets and riveting, stresses in rivets, strength & failure of riveted
joints. Riveted joints in framed structures. Types of welds & welded joints, stresses in welds,
design of welds, eccentrically loaded welded joints
Tension Members: Types of tension members, net & gross areas, permissible stresses. Design
of members subjected to axial loads, combined bending moments & axial loads, lug angles.
Tension Splice
Compression Members: Failure modes of columns, end conditions & effective length of
columns, various empirical formulae. IS code formula, General codal provisions for design of
compression members. Built up compression members, lacing and battening of compression
members, splicing of compression members.
Column Bases and Foundations: Types of column bases, design of slab base, Gussetted base
& grillage foundations.
Design of Flexural Members: Failure modes permissible stresses, design of laterally supported
and unsupported beams web crippling, web budding etc., compound beams.
Design of plate Girders: Components of a plate girder, basic design assumptions, stiffeners in
plate girders, design of various components of a welded and riveted plate girder.
Roof Trusses: Types of roof trusses loads on roof trusses, calculation of forces due to
combination of different loads. Design of members and joints.
Books Recommended
1. Chandra R “Design of Steel Structures” Standard Publishing House, 1999.
2. Raghupathi M “Design of Steel Structures” Tata McGraw-Hill, New Delhi,1998.
3. Arya A S and Ajmani J L “Design of Steel Structures” Nem Chand Bros. Roorkee,2000.
4. Kazimi S M A and Jindal R S “Design of Steel Structures” Prentice Hall of India, New
5. Dayaratnam P “Design of Steel Structures” Wheeler Publishers, New Delhi,1999.

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